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Like all Web pages, it should be dynamic - your ideas and suggestions are most welcome.

Key Resource
Disability Information and Support for Parents

Allergies, Asthma, Immune Reactions

Allergist says children too often misdiagnosed [Bangor Daily News Bangor, ME. Mon, Nov 24 1997]
* Dr. Doris Rapp
* Allergies/sensitivities to food/environment
* learning disabilities, hyperactivity
disorders, Tourette's syndrome and
* Report of conference "Understanding Food,
Chemical and Sound Sensitivities"
Allergy and Asthma FAQ Home Page
Allergy-Induced Autism: AiA Home Page - Supported by Demon Internet
Dr. Doris Rapp
Dr. Doris Rapp
Environment and children's health issues
O3 Zone: Environmental Health Exam
Poisoned Environment and a Child's Ability to Learn

Books, Media & Publications

Adair Renning's book "The Ultimate Treasure Hunt"
Autism Research Institute: Publications & Books
Autism: Explaining the Enigma. UTA FRITH - University College, London. Blackwell 1989
Future Horizons, Inc. Autism Homepage (BOOKS, tapes, newletterUSA)
+ Books, tapes, newsletter
+ links (mainly US)
List of Books concerning Autism
List of Books concerning Autism
NAS Publications (National Autistic Society, UK)
PRO-ED, Inc Publishing
Silent Words - A Biography
Thinking in Pictures: And Other Reports From My Life With Autism (Temple Grandin)

| Anthropologist on Mars, Oliver Sacks

Anthropologist on Mars
Anthropologist on Mars: Seven Paradoxical Tales by Oliver Sacks
Book Reviews
BOOKS (includes Anthropologist on Mars)
Christmas Guide - Science
Newsday Direct / Entertainment / Book Reviews

| Other Books & Media

Planet Autism

By Country & Language

Brazil (in Brazilian Portugese)

Pagina Do Autismo
Revista "C�rebro & Mente" - Home Page WWW
Transtornos Invasivos do Desenvolvimento (Br. Portugese)

Canada (in Canandian French)

Activit�s du Centre coop�ratif de recherche sur les troubles envahissants du d�veloppement (CORTED)
Autisme Montr�al

Canada (in English)


Chinese (via Center for the Study of Autism in USA)

Center for the Study of Autism (in Chinese)

Finland (in Finnish)

Autismiyhdistykset (in Finnish)

France (in French)

Autisme France Site WWW. Avertissement
Pro Aid Autisme

Germany (in German)

Autismus in Deutschland

In French

L'Enfant Autiste (French)

In Spanish



Irish Times

Friday, April 12, 1996: Opinion by Fintan O'Toole
Monday, April 14, 1997: FOREIGN
Monday, April 15, 1996: Parents to answer for actions of children
Saturday, November 16, 1996: Autistic boy's mother to be paid �30,000 in High Court settlement
Saturday, November 16, 1996: Breathnach accused of breaking promise
Thursday, June 12, 1997: FRONT PAGE
Tuesday, December 10, 1996: New �50,000 pro-am planned for next year
Wednesday, February 12, 1997: 800 organisations get People in Need grants
Wednesday, November 13, 1996: Pat Matthews honoured along with Guerin

Israel (in English)


Italy (in Italian)

Anni Verdi : Centro per l'autismo ...

Netherlands/Belgium ? (in Dutch)
Spain (in Spanish)

Federaci�n Autismo Espa�a. Asociaci�n Nuevo Horizonte.


Liverpool & Lancashire Autistic Society (LALAS) [UK]

USA (in English)

Asperger's Association of New England
Autism Society of Washington
Autism Society of Wisconsin Home Page
Autism, High-functioning. PDD/Asperger Syndrome Support Group
Boulder/Longmont Autism Support Grou
Judevine Autism Outreach Program Central Missouri

Descriptive Accounts, Definitions

Life in a Parallel World: A bold new approach to the mystery of autism By Sharon Begley and Karen Springen
MedicineNet - AUTISM

Diagnosis, Assessment, Classification

Assessment & Evaluation on the Internet
+++ DSM IV Diagnostic Criteria for Asperger's Syndrome
+++ DSM IV Diagnostic Criteria for Autistic Disorder
ADHD: American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistics Manual (DSM-IV) criteria for Attention Deficit
Asperger Info: What the DSM IV Means to Me
Asperger Syndrome: Some Guidelines for Assessment, Diagnosis, and Intervention Yale/LDA Social Learning Disabilities Study)
Aspergers Syndrome: What Is it?
AUTISM FAQ (jmwobus)
Autism Society P.D.D. Information Package (DSM-IV, #299 incl.)
+ Includes DSM-IV Diagnostic Criteria for
* 299.00 Autistic Disorder
* 299.80 Rett's Disorder
* 299.10 Childhood Disintegrative Disorder
* 299.80 Asperger's Disorder
* 299.80 Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified
(Including Atypical Autism)
Autism, Asperger's Syndrome & Semantic-Pragmatic Disorder
Autism-Related Disorders in DSM-IV (Center for the Study of Autism)
Autism/PDD: Definition
Autistic Disorder & Asperger's Disorder: DSM IV Definitions
CRITERIA FOR DSM IV (Autism & Asperger's Syndrome)
DSM IV - Autistic Disorder
Electronic DSM-IV for PC/Mac
Healthtouch - Health Information: What Is Autism & Its Causes?
ICD-9-CM International Coding Standard
Importance of ASSESSMENTS
Projekt ICD 10
Yale/LDA Social Learning Disabilities Study

Dietary Issues

Dietary Interventions in Autism
Feingold Association: the Dietary Connection to Better Behavior, Learning & Health
Also: ADD/ADHD Allergies Asthma Dyslexia
Hyperactivity Autism PDD Pervasive
Developmental Delay Hives Rashes

E-lists, Chat etc.

#Autism Homepage
Autism Channel (#autism)

Education/Children's Issues

50 Tips on the Classroom Management of Attention Deficit Disorder
Asperger Info: Specially Designed Instructions For Educators: IEP Modification/Adaptations/Support Checklist
AUTISTIC CHILD (Facts for Families)
AZ Method: The Use of Video Techniques to Develop Language Skills in Autistic Children [Shrewsbury, UK]
Circle of Children
Find the Children - Worldwide Missing Children Information
James Kirk's Autism FAQ Home Page
Laureate Learning Systems - Special Needs & Language Development Software
School-to-Work National Office


Affirmative Business Alliance of North America (ABANA)
Autism and the employer, 04/14/97
Autistics in the workplace, 04/14/97
Center for the Study of Autism
Inter-National Association of Business, Industry & Rehabilitation (I-NABIR)
Interwork Institute (San Diego State University)
Interwork Institute: Wage and Hour (San Diego State University)
JAN on the Web - JAN United States
JAN on the Web - Points of Interest - Employment Resources
Jobs Which Autistic and Asperger Individuals Have Held (Autism/Asperger's Independent Living)
National Rehabilitation Information Center's (NARIC) Bookmarks
Project HIRED (Sunnyvale, CA, USA)
Supported Employment (National Autistic Society, UK)

Family Issues

#Forgotten_Kids Official Webpage
Autism Affects Behavior Of Siblings (Reuters Health)
Facts for Families
Families for Early Autism Treatment (FEAT) of Oregon
Family Struggles With Child's Autism (6/9)
Family Village: a Global Community of Disability-Related Resources

General & Unclassified with REVIEW NOTES

+++ Asperger Syndrome : O.A.S.I.S. On-Line Asperger Syndrome Info & Support
+ One of the very best resources available
on-line about Asperger's Syndrome
+ Classified links
+++ Autism Channel Link (esp. Autistic Children)
. Calling itself: "The Autism Channel
Link: The Virtual Newspaper for
Autism", this site features:
+ Nice layout and style
+ Lots of links, under the headings:
+ "Chat", live Inter Relay Chat (IRC)
with parents and professionals,
+ "The People of The Autism Channel",
two line intros. and "mailto's"
for channel regulars
+ "What's New", newsgroups and
other news,
+ "Help", lots of links to
therapies, programs and
+ "Legislation", on-line
(US-centric) legal information,
+ "Bulletin Board", where you
can read and post messages
right there on the Web Page
(and in full view),
+ "Art Gallery", a place to
show off the kids' work
(which certainly beats
what I was doing at
their age),
+ "Personals", the home pages
of parents, professionals
and kids,
+ "Societies" in USA and other
parts of the world, and ...
+ (almost unbelievably) even more "Links".
+++ Don't Mourn For Us (essay by Jim Sinclair)
. Written to help parents of Autistic
children. [However, it should read by
anyone that wants to understand
Autistic people, because ...]
+ Provides excellent insight into the
world of Autistic person of any age
+ Thesis is basically that the parent
privately recover from the grief of
"loosing" the child they had expected
and get on with the difficult job of
learning a "new language" to communicate
with the "alien child" who landed in
their lives by accident without his
own kind to care for him.
+ Poignantly yet thoughtfully written
+ stikingly colourful ANI background
+++ Mental Health Net - Autism Resources
+ An amazing collection of entries, each with:
+ a title (with link)
+ a good summary
+ their own rating
+ an opportunity for you to vote for
or against the resource
+ the votes so far.
All Lewisham Autism Support
+ Neat UK site.
. Affiliated to UK National Autistic
Asperger Disorder (YALE, definition)
. Definition if Asperger Disorder from YALE.
. Part of larger site on AUT, AS and other
disabilities and disorders.
Asperger's syndrome (NIH)
+ Sensible, concise summary
. Covers:
. What is Asperger's Syndrome?
. Is there any treatment?
. What is the prognosis?
. What research is being done?
. Where can I find more information?
- No external links
+ Links to Australian, UK, US &
other international sites
Autism [Dr. S.B. Edelson, Atlanta]
+ Ordered view of "Autistic Syndromes".
- Linear, few links
Autism On-Line Support in Australia [from 24 Hours in Cyberspace: Online Lifeline]
- Site unavailable (last tried 05-Jun-96, 19:00 BST)
Autism Resources [John Wobus/SYR]
+ Well organised, international AUTISM links & info.
. From U. Syracuse
. Headings:
. Topics; General Information; Online Discussion, mailing lists etc.;
Other General Web Pages on Autism; Asperger's Syndrome;
News; Accounts; Bibliography: Books & Articles;
Specific Issues; Methods, Treatments, Programs;
Academic and Research programs; Libraries;
Online Papers; Organizations; For Sale;
Autism Society of America Home Page
+ Includes Glossary
- Few external links
. Mainly US-centric
Autism Web Sites
+ some useful Autism links to fill in
the gaps
. Part of "Family Empowerment Network" at
primarily interested in Down Syndrome.
Autism, Fact Sheet (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA)
+ Sensible, concise summary
. Covers:
. What is autism?
. What are some common signs of autism?
. How is autism diagnosed?
. What causes autism?
. What role does genetics play?
. Do symptoms of autism change over time?
. How can autism be treated?
. What aspects of autism are being studied?
. Where can I get more information?
- No external links
Autism/Manic Depression: Tracing a link in the family tree...
. Brief intro. to work of Bob DeLong,
M.D., Pediatric Neurologist,
Duke University, Durham, NC, USA.
Autism/PDD Clinic Home Page (YALE Child Study Center)
+ Many links
Autism: The Serotonin Connection (HealthNews)
. Article from HealthNews, 29-Nov-96
. New insights about the brain chemical
serotonin and its role in autism
appear in the November Archives of
General Psychiatry.
Behavioral and Mental Disorders (Non MeSH) [via MeSH, Sweden)
. Some Autism/Asperger's links among
many others.
+ Puts some context to DSM-IV classif.
Birthday Revelations of Autism: A childs birthday-party behavior can be a telltale sign of autism...
. Brief intro. to work of Dr. Geraldine
Dawson Ph.D. at University of
Washington, WA, USA, who
uses home videos of first birthday
parties to diagnose children with
Center for the Study of Autism [Portland, OR]
+ Neat, complex site, clearly classified presentation
+ Putting Autism into context
+ Related Disorders, issues (e.g. Theory of Mind)
. Associated with the work of Temple Grandin
- few external links
Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies - University of Sheffield
+ includes information about a new
distance learning MA programme in
Disability Studies
+ Also offer a short courses on:
+ Parenting People with Autism or
Asperger's Syndrome
+ Counselling People with Disorders
of Social Development
Conscious Choice: Hoffman: Autism
. by Ronald Hoffman, M.D.
. seems a sensibly written article
+ includes handy, concise lists:
. Factors that may trigger Autism
. Therapy for Autism
. Tests that may guide treatment of Autism
- doesn't appear to cover adults or Asperger's Syndrome
Cure Autism Now
+ Large number of useful links, both
internal and external, particularly
+ Autism Resources
++ Autism Biomedical Research Center
- organisation has a provocative name
(but then it doesn't get forgotten!)
+ doing and encouraging good research
+ open publishing policy
Dave Nelson's Autism Page [Play Therapy]
. Dave Nelson describes "Play Therapy"
and how it has helped his Autistic
son, Graham.
Diagnostic and Treatment Models
. Work of Dr. Joe Huggins & Dr. Soula Homatidis
. Behavioural modificatiom by medication
. Treat individual behaviours not the
. He is said to have a son with Autism
Division TEACCH - Autism Information (UNC-CH)
. North Carolina's international
"Treatment and Education of Autistic
and related Communication
Handicapped CHildren" initiative.
Electronic Ear: Listening therapy for autistic children...
. Brief intro. to work of Billie Thompson, Ph.D.,
Sound Listening and Learning Center, Phoenix, AZ, USA
on a listening therapy called the Tomatis method
(pioneered by French physician Alfred Tomatis).
Facilitated Communication Institute
. Facilitated Communication Institute [Biklen et al, Syracuse U., NY]
. Headings
. General Information
. Bibliographies and Abstracts
. Articles by FC Users
. Articles from the Facilitated Communication Digest
. Position Statements on Facilitated Communication
. Abstracts of Conference Presentations
. Educational Materials
. DEAL Communication Centre [Dir: Rosemary Crossley]
. Autism-Related Links
. General Disability Resources
+ Under construction (Aug-96), but already well organised
[see several postings on AUTINET FORUM earlier Aug-96]
Genetic Testing White Paper: Research paper on the facts and issues surrounding genetics...
. Relevance to Autism: "Since the late 1980s, more than
50 new genetic tests have been developed. Here is a
partial list of genetic disorders for which tests are
now available: ... Fragile X Syndrome Chromosomal
disorder causing mental impairment, ranging from
subtle learning disabilities to severe retardation
and autism.
Global Internet: Net Happenings
+ Matches to PDD related keywords
. "autism": 8
. "PDD": 3
. "Pervasive Developmental Disorder": 88
. "ADHD": 15
. "Attention Deficit Disorder": > 200
Greater Phoenix Chapter Autism Society of America
+ Concise definition
+ Links (all US)
. search
Hyperlexia: Other Net Resources [AHA: American Hyperlexia Association]
+ Autism links
Internet Resources for Special Children (IRSC)
. Autism, Asperger's and other links.
Jillene Hebert's Disabilities Resource Page (has AUT links)
+ Has a number of autism links
Jypsy's Autism and other .. (GEOCITIES! Janet Norman-Bain: "Life on a Spectrum")
+ Puts the way one family is dealing
with having Autistic, Asperger's and
non-Autistic members in context
+ Links to where family lives & works
+ Definitions of Autism and Asperger's
+ Therapies used
+ Links to Ian Sinclair's excellent
essay "Don't Mourn fou Us" and Brad
Rand's booklet "How to Understand
People who are different"
+ Autism links in other languages
+ Many other Autism links
Jypsy's Autism and other .. (Janet Norman-Bain: "Life on a Spectrum")
Language Based Learning Disability
+ May be of help in communication
aspects of Autism spectrum disorders
+ Hold Parents/Clinicians/Teachers Forum
. Was mentioned on AnF with regard to
"Acoustically Modified Speech Therapy:
Computerized" and "a novel approach
to Speech Therapy for autistic
Medical Breakthroughs (Ivanhoe Broadcast News, Inc.)
. News classified under: Women's Health,
Men's Health, Children's Health,
Senior's Health, Arthritis, Cancer,
Diabetes, Plastic Surgery, Fertility,
Heart, Orthopedic, Mental Health &
General Medicine.
. Search
Medical Breakthroughs (Ivanhoe) Search
. 4 matches on "autism" (24-Jan-97):
+ Autism/Manic Depression: Tracing a link in the family tree...
+ Birthday Revelations of Autism: A childs birthday-party
behavior can be a telltale sign of autism...
+ Electronic Ear: Listening therapy for autistic children...
+ Genetic Testing White Paper: Research paper on the facts
and issues surrounding genetics...
Medsite Navigator
+ NETSURF review:
Medsite Navigator is a handy collection of pointers
to a variety of medical sites for physicians, scientists,
and other health care professionals. Its ambitious goal
is to follow Internet technology in medical labs and
clinics and "stimulate the creation of novel
Internet-based applications for the biomedical fields."
Patients and educators, too, will find useful resources
here. "Destinations" takes you to search tools and
clinical and research sites. Every week, "Discoveries"
focuses on two important discoveries in science and
medicine. One of the site's New Year's predictions is
that it "will evolve into an advanced Java-based software
program capable of navigating to high quality medical
and scientific information."
+ Potential
. Internal "search" & "map" to be added
(Richard Peters, MedsiteNavigator,
- No evidence of Autism/AS/PDD specific info. yet
(as at 22-Jan-97).
Mental Health Infosource [CME Inc]
. Search returns some links
involving Autism & Asperger's.
Mental Health Net - Autistic Disorder Symptoms
+ Especially note "Autism Resources"
link to <http://www.cmhc.com/guide/autism.
National Autistic Society (UK)
- Few external links
Neurobiology of Infantile Autism [MHI Infosource, CME Inc)
. Article (by De. R.D. Ciaranello)
. Part of MHI Infosource (CME Inc)
- Few links
* Unusual, striking and classy presentation
Overview of Autism
. Stephen Edelson (PhD) - Center for
the Study of Autism.
+ Organised look
- No external links apparent
Parents Helping Parents (PHP): The Family Resource Cente
. "Meeting children's special needs
through parents helping parents"
+ Has search on US "National Resource
- USA only
+ Many hits on 'autism' and 'asperger'
PEDINFO Conditions and Diseases: Other Disorders
+ Some interesting links including:
. Behavioral, Developmental, and Language Disorders
. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
. ADD-PARENTS Mailing List, for parents of children with
ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).
. ADDMed from Dr. Anthony R. Laws, an ADHD specialist in Oakville, Ontario. [5/29/96]
. Attention Deficit Disorder WWW Archive maintained by Meng Weng Wong.
. Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders of Bay County, Florida.
. CH.A.D.D. U.S. Chapters (phone numbers of local CHADD chapters).
. Online Attention Deficit Disorder Screening Test from the NYU Department of
Psychiatry and Attention Deficit Disorder Center
. Autism & Related Disorders
. Asperger's Syndrome Support Network, from Victoria, Australia. [8/5/96]
. Autism and Brain Development Research Laboratory at UC San Diego.
. Autism Resources Web page.
. AUTISM Mailing List, on autism and developmental disabilities. To subscribe, send the message "subscribe AUTISM" to
. Bit.Listserv.Autism Usenet newsgroup.
. On-Line Asperger's Syndrome Information and Support (OASIS). [8/5/96]
Psychology Self-Help Resources on the Internet
+ references to:
. Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyperactivity
. Autism and Asperger's Syndrome
. Communication Disorders, Deafness, Dyslexea, Hyperlexia
. Tourette Syndrome
. & other disorders
. links to small number of popular sites in each category
. NETSURFER review:
The Psychology Self-Help Resources
on the Internet page contains links
categorized by psychological
disorder, ranging from aging and
autism to dyslexia to relationships
to substance abuse. Other links
include collections of self-help
brochures and additional online
self-help and mental health
resources. You can also link to
the Psych Web Home Page, which
features a variety of information
for students and teachers for
Reuters Health News Search
. 7 matches for "auism" (24-Jan-97)
under Medical News -- Health eLine:
. 14-Nov-96 New Advances In Autism Treatment
. 14-Nov-96 Serotonin, X Chromosome Studies
Clarify Autism Mechanisms
. 29-Oct-96 Autism Affects Behavior Of Siblings
. 30-Aug-96 HMOs Need Guidelines For Disabled
. 26-Jan-96 Music Therapy: Gaining Interest
And Acceptance...Slowly
. 12-Jan-96 Group Home Cannot Seek Relief
Under Americans With Disabilities Act
. 13-Nov-95 Highlights From The American
Society For Neuroscience Meeting In San Diego
SERI - Special Education Resources on the Internet
+ According to NBNSOFT Content Awards
(Liz W. Tompkins):
An outstanding collection of Special
Education information. Legal Resources,
Special Education Discussion Groups,
Behavior Disorders, Attention Deficit
Disorder and Autism are just a few
of the areas well-covered.
+ According to INTERNIC's Scoup Report
. Special Education Resources on the
Internet (SERI), provided by Hood
College, contains a large list of
pointers to Internet information
on special education of all kinds.
Included are general disabilities
information, university based
information, disability products,
national organizations, legal
resources, hearing impairment,
mental retardation, behavioral
disorders, learning disabilities,
vision impairment, Attention
Deficit Disorder, Autism, and
gifted and talented. A good place
to start for information on this
. "Society For The Autistically
Handicapped", UK.
. Complex site with many short pages.
. Connected with TEACHH Programme
(from NC).
+ Some external links
- No INTERNAL search
Son-Rise Program� (Option Inst., Sheffield, MA)
. Autism Page of the "Son-Rise
Programme" which works with
"specially challenged children"
in general.
- Hype
- Book sales
- no external links seen
Understanding Autism ["Gorgeous's Page"]
+ A few unusual autism links
What is Autism [Moreno (updated)]
. Originally: "High-Functioning Individuals With Autism"
by Susan J. Moreno, Edited by Anne M. Donnelan (Maap, 1991)
. Reformatted 1995
+ Clear, concise explanation of:
. What autism is
. What autism is not
. What to do about it (esp. teaching tips)
- Text only, no links
What is Autism? [US Autism Society]
. Part of the US Autism Society site
+ Neatly formatted Web Page
+ Clear, concise answers under the headings:
. What is Autism?
. Is there More than One Type of Autism?
. What Causes Autism?
. How is Autism Diagnosed?
. What are the Symptoms? What are People with Autism Like?
. Is there a Cure for Autism?
. What are the Most Effective Approaches to Autism?
. Where can I get more Information?
. Autism Society Information Packages
. Autism Check List
Whooping Cough/pertussis vaccine & Autism (amongst other conditionss) [Whooping Cough Still at Large (HealthNews)]
. Article from HealthNews 29-Aug-95
. Summary of relevance to Autism:
"Physician's Perspective (David S.
Rosen, MD) ... immunization provides
excellent protection against pertussis
infection ... in the well-intentioned
but misguided belief that their child
is safer if unvaccinated, some parents
withhold immunization altogether ...
There's no scientific basis for
concern that the vaccine causes
hyperactivity, learning disorders,
or autism, and several large studies
have failed to find any link between
the vaccine and sudden infant death

| Cross-references to other sections

Drug Database
+ look up drug effects by name
- not much more about Autism
Glossary of LD & CAI Terms (Learning Disability / Computer Aided Instruction)
+ Essential Glossary for Autism/PDD & related terms
+ e.g. coins the term "Dyscognia" for "Nonverbal Learning
Disabilities (NLD) and defines.
MedicineNet (TM) Home Page -- A FREE Medical Reference
+ prescription drug info.
+ MedicineNet POWER POINTS about AUTISM
- not much more about Autism
Yale/LDA Social Learning Disabilities Study
+ Relates AS to Rouke's (1989) concept
of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities
at some length

General & Unclassified: unreviewed (as yet)

A.D.D., A.D.H.D. and Autism - Herbal Products form The Sye Company
Asperger (Britannica Internet Guide)
Asperger Syndrome: Poetry of Jerry Newport
Attention Deficit Disorder (Britannica Internet Guide)
Augusta Autism Resource Center
Autism & The Internet or "It's The Wiring, Stupid" by Harvey Blume
Autism (American Academy of Neurology)
Autism (Britannica Internet Guide)
Autism and Memory
Autism Channel (#autism) Info Page
Autism Channel Link
Autism Connection
Autism Depot
Autism Fact Sheet (Page 9)
Autism Related Science Links [Cure Autism Now (CAN)]
Autism Related Web Sites [Cure Autism Now (CAN)]
Autism Resources [Cure Autism Now (CAN)]
Autism, ADD & Related Disorders Page.
Autism-UK WWW Site
Autism: The International Journal of Research and Practice
Autistic Disorder (ICD-10): European Description
IMI autism research & treatment (Institute for Molecular Introspections, CO, USA)
Incidence and Characteristics of Autism
Institute for Child Development - Dr. Raymond G. Romanczyk
International AUTISTIC Research Organisation Home Page
Internet Resources for Special Children (IRSC)
Melatonin: The Sleep Master
Mental Health Net - Facts for Families: Autistic Child
Music Therapy: Gaining Interest And Acceptance...Slowly
Naltrexone & Autism
National Alliance for Autism Research, NAAR - www.naar.org
Neuroanatomical and Neurophysiological Clues to the Nature of Autism
* Matthew Belmonte and Ruth Carper in:
Neuroimaging in Childhood
Developmental Disorders,
edited by Bernard Garreau
[preprint of article] coming in
November 1997 from Springer-Verlag
for the Sixth World Congress of
Biological Psychiatry
Neurobiological Insights into Infantile Autism [Amy Herman]
+ Identifies many areas for research
within autism/PDD spectrum
- Note May-1996.
New Advances In Autism Treatment
NICHCY- General Information About Autism
NNCF Library Lobby
OMIM Home Page -- Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
Online Lifeline
Online Lifeline (via 24 Hours in Cyberspace)
Ooops Wrong Planet! Syndrome *jypsy's HomePage*
Option Institute
Parents share stories about autistic kids. Children's individuality stressed at workshop for Plano teachers (The Dallas Morning News, Thu, Jun 19 1997)
Parents' Suit Seeks to Return Autistic Son to Loudoun Schools
ParentTime - Breaking the Silence
Patient Support Groups Ireland (incl. autism)
Pediatric Psychopharmacology Autism (Virtual Hospital)
Personal Accounts (of Autism)
Pervasive Development Disorders
Pervasive Developmental Disorders (Virtual Hospital: Iowa Health Book: Pediatrics: ...)
Pervasive Developmental Disorders - PDD
Princeton Child Development Institute
Puppetools: The Internet Puppet Utility
Recovery Zone (Damian Pocari)
. Lovaas (formerly called
Behavior Modification)
Research Finds Size Differences In The Brains Of Autistic Individuals (Piven)
Reuters Health Information Services
Reward Deficiency Syndrome (American Scientist Article. Blum, Cull, Braverman & Comings)
Rotter HomePage
Safety comes first when choosing care for disabled (The Fresno Bee Sat, Jun 14 1997)
School Psychology Resources Online - Sandra Steingart,Ph.D.
Serotonin, X Chromosome Studies Clarify Autism Mechanisms
Sibling Support Project
Social Stories
Some Basic Information about TEACCH
Special Children Home Page
Special Needs Education Network (SNE) - World Wide Web Resources
SPP: Semantic Pragmatic Disorder (article)
Teaching Tips for Children and Adults with Autism
The InterACT Centre
Tory's Autism Page
US National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials
Wake County Local Unit Autism Society of North Carolina
Web Resources on Autism
WebCrawler Search Results for: Social Security Act
Welcome to DIAL
What's Happening with Regards Autism
+ Includes annotated bibliography of
research papers
Wirral Autistic Society [UK]
Women's Health Issues Discussed (The New Orleans Times-Picayune, Fri, Jun 13 1997)
Yahoo! - Health:Mental Health:Diseases and Conditions:Developmental Disorders
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General Introductions, Definitions, Resources

Al Prosser's Communications Enablement Page
Asperger Info: Asperger Syndrome: Through the lifespan
Asperger's Syndrome [Guide to Psychotherapy, Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, Sheffield, UK]
Asperger's Syndrome Information Package
Asperger/Autism: On-The-Same-page
+ Relevant viewpoint: all 3 main
compilers are AS/HFA themselves.
+ "An Asperger Syndrome and autism
resource ... huge and definitive"
+ Pleasing appearance
+ Many links classified:
. Asperger/Autism Index,
. Neuroscience Links
. Online Journals
. Staying in Touch: Email Lists,
Bulletin Boards, etc
. Asperger/Autism Rights
. Asperger/Autism Bill of Rights Index
. Personal Pleasure Index
. To Contact Us
- Graphics/processor intensive: slow to
load, tendency to crash browser
Autism (Disabilities) [Galaxy]
Autism (HealthAtoZ)
Autism (Merck)
Autism [Guide to Psychotherapy, Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, Sheffield, UK]
Autism [Lisa S. Lewis, Ph.D]
Autism [School Psychology Resources Online]
Autism Frequently Asked Questions Memo
Autism Network International
Autism Related Web Sites (Cure Autism Now)
Autism Resource Guide
Autism Resources (Wobus, Syracuse U.)
Autistic Child
AUTISTIC CHILD [Facts For Families. American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry]
Dave's Autism Info Page [Dave Kelsall, Lancashire, UK]
Environmental and Preventive Health Center of Atlanta
Health Information - ADD to Autism (Queen of Hearts - Michael Schelling)


Monaco et al / SPCH1

Gene breakthrough holds key to cure for autism (A. Monaco in Sunday Times, 11-Jan-98)
ICH/GOS Cognitive Neurosciences Unit
Monaco et al: SPCH1 Gene (New Scientist Planet Science: Talking point, 31 January 1998)
Vargha-Khadem, Dr. Faraneh (ICH/GOS Cognitive Neurosciences Unit)

| General

Autism Genetic Resource Exchange [AGRE via CAN (Cure Autism Now)]
Autism Genetic Studies Abstracts
CHDD OUTLOOK 10.2 (story 6) Genes
Daily (NEWS): Scientists use blood samples to show genetic link to autism
Ed Cook
Electronic Genetics Newsletter - Screening for Autism
Genetic Modeling of Autism
Genetics & Autism
Introduction - The Human Genome Project
Issues and Ethics
NIH/NICHD & NIDCD - Neurobiology and Genetics of Autism
Plumbing the depths of autism [June 11, 1997]
Prevention and Genetic Services [South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (DDSN)]
* DDSN Home is at <http://www.state.sc.us/ddsn/>.
Researchers discover first autism-susceptibility gene
Review of Autism


Autisme/Autism: French/English Biligual Glossary
+ Biligual glossary of terms associated
with Autism
+ 41 detailed terms (as at 29-May-97)
+ Suitable for looking up terms in one
of the two language or translating.
- May be a little dated (refers to DSM-III,
but not DSM-IV)
- Has a few translation quirks
. compiler: mailto:termisti@infoboard.be

Hearing Issues

Auditory Integration Training
Auditory Integration Training: Hearing, Autism, ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia
Interventions to Reduce Hyperacute Hearing (Society For Auditory Integration Training)
Society for Auditory Integration Training

Links to Other Au/AS/PDD Web Resources


Management, Medication, Treatment

Information on Lovaas insurance appeals (Porcari)
Turn Community Services - Web Pages

News (Links may have timed-out)

Autism Resources: News
Casting Light on Shadow Syndromes [LA Times, Friday, September 5, 1997]
Autism: Discovery of a milder form of this illness
illustrates how many who need help are cruelly
dismissed as malingerers. By EDWARD R. RITVO
Craniosacral therapy is the latest in healing touch [The Edmonton Journal, Thu, Sep 11 1997]
* The body has its own wisdom," says craniosacral facilitator
Paul Psutka. "It knows how to self-correct. We need to give
it the space and opportunities to do so."
Gently, he touches areas of a client's body a ankles, thighs,
ribs and head a to "feel" the person's craniosacral rhythm,
and then to sense areas of restriction where tissue is tight.
It's a relatively new field of alternative therapy, developed in
the early 1970s by an American osteopath, physician John Upledger,
who continues to treat patients and conduct research on its
benefits at the Upledger Institute in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
One of Upledger's books, Your Inner Physician and You, published
by North Atlantic Books in Berkeley, Calif., in 1991, carries
accounts of some success in using craniosacral therapy on
children suffering from hyperactivity, autism and cerebral palsy.
HMOs Need Guidelines For Disabled Children
Social gene discovered [Montreal Gazette, Sat, Sep 13 1997]
* In a stroke of inspired good fortune, biologists have found
a gene that turns out to exert profound effects on the social
behaviour of mice. This is said to be the first gene to be
isolated that affects social behaviour in mammals, and it
promises to shed light on important disorders of human
social behaviour like schizophrenia and autism.
Mice that lack the gene look normal and achieve normal grades
on tests of learning and memory. But their social behaviour is
subtly different. They interact with each other less often than
do standard mice
``I think this is the first gene to be described that controls
social interactions,'' said Anthony Wynshaw-Boris, a clinical
geneticist at the National Human Genome Research Institute
and chief author of the study.
[two more mentions of "autism"]
* A probably related article which refers to "autism" is:
Nardos Lijam, Richard Paylor, Michael P. McDonald,
Jacqueline N. Crawley, Chu-Xia Deng, Karl Herrup,
Karen E. Stevens, Gianmaria Maccaferri, Chris J. McBain,
Daniel J. Sussman, and Anthony Wynshaw-Boris
Social Interaction and Sensorimotor Gating Abnormalities in
Mice Lacking Dvl1
Cell 90, 895-905 (1997). [Summary and Full Text available
on-line to subscribers]

Personal Accounts

Autism Picture Page (Lindsay Weekes) [AU Server]
Autism Picture Page (Lindsay Weekes) [US Server]
Sam Alpert's Asperger's Syndrome Miasaura WebSpace [animation] [Theme 2]
++Find out what Asperger's Syndrome and
Special Education are like directly
from this talented and articulate
10-year old.
+ Read about his (well-expressed) interests
in dinosaurs, then take a link to
"Sam Alpert" <http://www.ccnis.net/~miasaura/sam1.htm>
to complete the story - great stuff!
+ Nice layout & graphics (both static &
Terr� Yuki (has Autistic son)


Body and Mind - 'I don't try to smile any more. They don't come (The Times, 25-Nov-97)
* Interview with Chris and Gisela Slater-Walker
following up on Equinox: Mindreaders
(Channel 4 TV, 1-Dec-97)
Autism Research Institute (Dr. Bernard Rimland)
Computer savants, 4/14/97
+ Refers to:
. Sara R. S. Miller (USA)
. Temple Grandin (USA)
. David Spicer (USA)
. Gavin Simpson (USA)
. Martijn Dekker (Netherlands)
+ Useful Links via "Autism resources on the net"
+ Better layout than <http://www.computerworld.com/search/AT-html/9704/970414SL0414ga.h
Donna Williams Interview (ABC Radio National - Health Report Transcript - 29 July 1996)
Jerry and Mary Newport grew up as outcasts ... (KIM KOWSKY, TIMES STAFF WRITER)

| Temple Grandin

Teaching Tips for Children and Adults with Autism
My Experiences with Visual Thinking Sensory Problems and Communication Difficulties
Thinking in Pictures and Other Reports

Research: General

Abstract: An Exploration of Right-Hemisphere Contributions to the Pragmatic Impairments of Autism. Sally Ozonoff, Judith N. Miller
Abstract: Auditory P3 Responses to Name Stimuli. Robert L. Folmer, Charles D. Yingling
Abstract: Proper Name Hypermnesia in an Autistic Subject. Laurent Mottron, Sylvie Belleville, Emmanuel Stip
Autism and Brain Development Research Laboratory (San Diego,Ca, USA)
Autism Research Institute (Dr. Bernard Rimland)
JP Das Developmental Disabilities Centre (Canada)

Technology Issues - Computing


TV Coverage and Related

Body and Mind - 'I don't try to smile any more. They don't come (The Times, 25-Nov-97)
* Interview with Chris and Gisela Slater-Walker
following up on Equinox: Mindreaders
(Channel 4 TV, 1-Dec-97)
Equinox (Channel 4 TV)
Equinox: Mindreaders (Channel 4 TV, 1-Dec-97)

Health/Disabilities General (not Neuro/Psych etc.)

TASH Home Page (Disability Advocacy)
Able Informer Home Page
Achoo Healthcare Directory: SEARCH
Achoo On-line Healthcare Services - Home Page
American Medical Association - Publishing search tools
Beach Center Newsletters
British Medical Journal
CMAnet (California Medical Association): Public Interest: Contents
Disable Hotline!
Doctor's Guide to the Internet - Doctor's Guide HomePage
Doctor's Guide to the Internet: Search
Drug Database
+ look up drug effects by name
- not much more about Autism
Edmund's Home Page
Global Health Network
Grateful Med� for Windows
Guide to Medicine and Disability Resources
Health Library (Search: thrive@health)
+ Some useful references to Autism (AS get a mention)
. Part of 'thrive@health' Pathfinder site
Health Related Web Sites
Healthatoz - The Search Engine for Health and Medicine
Healthy Living Experience (thrive@health)
. regularly updated magazine format
+ Health Library (search)
. Target Audience: non-medical
. regularly updated magazine format with
+ Health Library (search)
. Part of 'thrive@health' Pathfinder site
Human Anatomy On-line
INFOMEDICAL Dictionary of On-Line Medical Resources
Infoseek's Search for a Cure
International Museum of Surgical Science
Internet Resources for Special Children (IRSC)
Irish Association of Social Workers (IASW) Homepage
Irish Council for the Status of People with Disabilities
. a general statement of were they're from and where they're going
. No doubt they will be expanding the Web site in the future
to have more information and some external links
Irish Medical Dir. Patient Support Groups: Autism
Irish Rehab Foundation
Irish Social Work Links
Jonathan Tward's Multimedia Medical Reference Library
Journal of NIH Research
KidsHealth - Children's Health & Parenting Information
KidsHealth.org Page Two
Marfan Association UK
Martindale's 'The Reference Desk: Countries & International Services'
Mayo Health O@sis
MedAccess: Index
Medical News (The)
Medical World Search
+ "autism"/"autistic": 156 matches (19-Sep-97)
+ good synonym use
+ "asperger": 27 matches (19-Sep-97)
+ "attention deficit disorder" 166 (19-Sep-97)
MedicineNet (TM) Home Page -- A FREE Medical Reference
MedicineNet (TM) Home Page -- A FREE Medical Reference
+ prescription drug info.
+ MedicineNet POWER POINTS about AUTISM
- not much more about Autism
MedicineNet Glossary
Medscape - Search
Merck & Co., Inc., Whitehouse Station, NJ
Multilingual Glossary of medical terms
. Multilingual glossary of technical
and popular medical terms in
European languages including Danish,
Dutch, English, French, German,
Italian, Portugese and Spanish
. Searchable and browsable
. From Gent, Belgium, under European
Commission's DG III
National Rehabilitation Information Center
NIMH Web Site
On-Line Journals (Biology & Medicine)
OnHealth: Search
+ 8 matches on "autism" (19-Sep-97)
- No matches on "asperger" or "PDD"
(no extra matches on "autistic").
Research Medical Library
Reuters Health Information Services
RxList - The Internet Drug Index
SCP Communications, Inc.
St. John's Disability Resouces (Gopher)
The Hospital Locator: Search Hospital Databases
Untangling the Web (Disabilities)
Virtual Hospital Home Page
Virtual Hospital: Search
Vitamins & Minerals (thrive@health)
+ Vitamins & Minerals
+ Useful summaries
+ 'Fact Sheet' and 'Further Reading' links
. Part of 'thrive@health' Pathfinder site
Wellness Interactive Network
WellnessWeb Home Page
World Information on Disability (Last updated September 11, 1997)
Yahoo! - Health
Yahoo! - Health:Diseases and Conditions
You First (Health)

Independent Living References

ADD [FAQ about Attention Deficit Disorder]
+ referenced on Independent Living site
Asperger's Syndrome
+ referenced on Independent Living site
Autism - Twenty Questions
+ referenced on Independent Living site
Independent Living mailing list
Independent Living on the autistic spectrum
Information Society disAbilities Challenge
InternAUT Status and Info
PDD (by Rimland) [part of Center for the Study of Autism site]
+ referenced on Independent Living site
Tourette Syndrome Primer
+ referenced on Independent Living site

Internet links to AUTINET FORUM

Links to AUTINET FORUM Web Pages

�POL.it 1997 - ON LINE SERVICES - Mailing Lists
America Online's Mailing List Directory
Asperger/Autism: On-The-Same-page: Table of Contents
AUTINET (Directory of Scholarly and Professional E-Conferences)
AUTINET (List of Lists Search)
AUTINET Details (Family Village Disability & Health: On-Line Discussion Groups)
AUTINET FORUM Details at NetCent
Autism Frequently Asked Questions Memo
Autism, HFA & Asperger's Forum
Behavior OnLine
Discussion forums comdis general through dysphagia
Dr. GROHOL's Mental Health Page - Mailing Lists
Dr. GROHOL's Mental Health Page: Mail Lists Resources
Eindhovense Asperger Syndroom Homepage
List of Lists
Mental Health Net - PNI: Volume 1, Issue 2
Nuevas Listas en LISTSERV by thread
Nuevas Listas en LISTSERV: NEW: AUTINET - Autism, HFA & Asperger's Forum
Online Community
OTSP: Getting In Touch
Psychology & Support Mailing-List Pointers (1/2)]
Psychology & Support Mailing-List Pointers (John Grohol)
Psychology and Psychiatry
Subscribe to AUTINET FORUM

Learning Disabilities (incl. NLD or NVLD)

College Students With Learning Disabilities
. Expounds strengths and weaknesses of students with
learning disabilities in different areas of study
and makes suggestions.
+ Makes the important point that "a Learning Disability is
NOT a form of mental retardation or an emotional disorder.
Differential Diagnosis of Learning Disorders
. Differential Diagnosis of Learning
Disorders: Principles for
Understanding, Identification,
and Treatment
. Course from Menninger Clinic, KA, USA
. Includes AS, Nonverbal Learning
Disablity, ADHD, Dyslexia etc.
Glossary of LD & CAI Terms (Learning Disability / Computer Aided Instruction)
+ Essential Glossary for Autism/PDD & related terms
+ e.g. coins the term "Dyscognia" for "Nonverbal Learning
Disabilities (NLD) and defines.
Important Definitions of Learning Disabilities
. National Adult Literacy and Learning
Disabilities Center: A Program of
the National Institute for Literacy
. Discusses learning disabilities with
reference to specific organisations:
. The 1977 U.S. Office of Education
. The Learning Disabilities Association of America
. The Interagency Committee on Learning Disabilities
. The National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities
. Rehabilitation Services Administration
- Postal addresses, but not links or
email addresses
- No specific definition of Nonverbal
Learning Disability (NLD/NVLD)
Information About Learning Disabilities
Office for Students with Disabilities:
Information about Learning Disabilities
. From Portland Community College, OR, USA
+ Looks well organised, detailed and
helpful generally.
Learning Disabilities Center (U. Georgia, USA)
. Discusses Verbal and Nonverbal Learning Disabilities
Yale/LDA Social Learning Disabilities Study
+ Relates AS to Rouke's (1989) concept
of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities
at some length

Legal, Insurance

Information on Lovaas insurance appeals (Porcari)
Legal Assistance and Raising a Child with Autism

Psychology/Psychiatry/Neurology General

"Brain & Mind" Magazine - WWW Home Page
AMA Archives of Neurology
American Academy of Neurology
American Psychological Association Home Page
Are You Too Angry for Your Own Good? (thrive@health)
Assessment & Evaluation on the Internet
Behavior Analysis [U. South FL)
Dana BrainWeb: General Neuroscience & Health Sites
Dana BrainWeb: Great sites for information on brain diseases and disorders | Home
. General Interest
- Low on specifics
- Low on Autism/Asperger info.
+ Internal search engine
+ General Brian Quiz
Developmental Disabilities (HealthAtoZ)
Dr. Bob's Mental Health Links
European Journal of Neuroscience
Facts For Families (on Psychiatric Disorders)
Harvard Brain
Internet Mental Health
Journal of Behavior Analysis and Therapy (jBAT)
Electronic Journal
May-96 Start
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Keirsey (Official) Temperament and Character Web Site
Keirsey Personality Online - Online Personality Tests
Keirsey Temperament Sorter- Jungian Personality Test
Keirsey Temperament: Cumulative Data for WWW Jungian personality test
Learn the secrets of motivation! Overcome procrastination. This FREE personal course is chock full of ideas! What is possible for you?
Links to Psychological Journals (by Armin G�nther)
MedWeb: Mental Health/Psychiatry/Psychology
Mental Health Net
Mental Health Net - Clinicians' Yellow Pages
Mental Health Net - Disorders and Treatment Index
Mental Health Net - Feedback
Mental Health Net - Forum Index
Mental Health Net - Mental Health Administration
Mental Health Net - Polling Place Index
Mental Health Net - Professional Resources Index
Mental Health Net - QuickFind
Mental Health Net - Reading Room
Mental Health Net - Resource Instructions
Mental Health Net - Self-Help Sourcebook OnLine Index
Mental Health Net - Self-Help Sourcebook OnLine Index
Neurol. Univ. Klinik Mannheim (Deutch)
Neurol. Univ. Klinik Mannheim (English)
Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital
+ Has search page
Neurosciences on the Internet
Psych Web
Psych Web list of Brochures and Articles Related to Psychology
Psych Web list of Commercial Psychology-Related Sites on the Web
Psych Web list of Psychology Megalists
Psych Web List of Scholarly Psychology Resources on the Web, sorted by topic
Psychological Self-Help - Table of Contents
Psychology Departments on the Web
PsychStar Homepage
Search: Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital
* Matches (24-Oct-97):
* autism: 39
* asperger: 2
* PDD: 0
* developmental disorder: 56
* disorder: 1383
* Note all matches are case insensitive:
both 'ADD' and 'add' yield 167 matches
Search: Neurosciences on the Internet
* Matches (24-Oct-97):
* autism: 9
* asperger: 4
* disorder: 115
Search: Neurosciences on the Internet
+ Has search page
Society for Neuroscience
Taming the Stress Monster (thrive@health)
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC): Dept. of Neurology
Yahoo! - Health:Mental Health
Yahoo! - Health:Mental Health:Diseases and Conditions

Related Issues

Adult Education

Power Learning Network

Advocacy, Law, Social Security : USA

Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center
Dealing with the System
Disability Law Center (Mark Ramage's Home Page)
Nolo Home Page (Self Help Law Center)
TASH (Disability Advocacy)
TASH Home Page (Disability Advocacy)
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
U.S. Government Printing Office
U.S. House of Representatives: Internet Law Library: Code of Federal Regulations - background
U.S. Social Security Law
U.S. Social Security Law (Cornell U.)
US Code of Federal Regulations (searchable)
US Dept. of Health & human Services: Federal Initiatives
US GPO Access
US Health Care Financing Administration: The Medicare & Medicaid Agency
US Inland Revenue Service (IRS) Search
US Inland Revenue Service (IRS): Forms And Publications
US National Attention Deficit Disorder Association
US National Center to Improve Practice in Special Education through Technology, Media and Materials (NCIP)
US Social Security Handbook 1995
US Social Security Online
US SSA Handbook: Table of Contents
US SSA Home Page

Alternative/Complementary Medicine


Homeopathy -- Homeopathic Medicine


Renaissance Research -- Amy L. Lansky, PhD

The Case Against

Homeopathy: A Position Statement by the National Council Against Health Fraud

The Case For

Scientific Evidence for Homeopathic Medicine

| General

When `Alternative' Medicine Is Prescient (Bernard Rimland)

Related/Other Disorders

Canadian Professionals' ADD Page"
Fragile X Syndrome
Self-injurious behavior in frontotemporal dementia [Neurocase, Volume 3, Issue 4: July/August 1997, pp. 231-236]
* Abstract mentions:
"Stereotypical, repetitive SIB
usually occurs in patients with
autism or mental retardation"

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